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Xenus Global India is a leading India-based manufacturing company that provides innovative LED lighting solutions for Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Architectural, Residential and Outdoor applications. Displaying a wide range of sustainable products, we constantly strive toward providing you with the right solutions and value for your LED lighting requirements. Outdoor lighting can be used to light up your view from the house or office to the garden, highlighting natural features, trees, shrubs and lawn. For this we suggest you check out our huge range of ground lights and low-level spotlights that can illuminate key features. These lights include spike lights which can be driven into the ground along, for example, a planted border. At night, the light coming through shrubs and bushes can be quite dramatic. If you have a water feature, we’ve got pond lights to shine on the water or up through it. We’ve got lighting to create outdoor rooms and if you’re looking for something more unusual, explore our Outdoor Design section where you’ll find some truly unique lighting. Another important reason to use outside lighting is to make your outdoor spaces useable after dark, not only in private homes but in hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and offices too. Then, of course, there are the safety and security aspects too. Pond lights make open water safer while public areas are safer when illuminated by sunken lights and upstanding path lights. Well-lit areas also deter crime and motion sensors are highly effective in this too.

  • Drive Over Light Supplier in Noida Sector 65
  • Drive Over Light Supplier in Noida Sector 68
  • Drive Over Light Supplier in Noida

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